How do I change my password for the Savvy Club?

  1. Login to savvy club
  2. Place cursor over your name in the right hand corner
  3. My Account
  4. Update Profile
  5. On the bottom of page select Change Your Password
  6. Enter New Password and Repeat Password
  7. Change My Password
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    Thanks for sharing the valuable information




    Ran engineer

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    Richard Stowe

    Thank you for this comprehensive information on how to change your password for the Savvy Club. True, I think some users still have problems due to the fact that they will need visual instructions. Therefore, I recommend that you provide your instructions with additional screenshots and share them on Instagram. I saw a lot of posts there with instructions from other communication providers and noticed that most often such instructions were laid out by accounts with at least 48 thousand subscribers! I am sure behind such figures are the services of the service, which the owners of such accounts used to wind up followers on Instagram.

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